Commercial Maintenance

landscaping company sw iowaDo you have a property with exterior maintenance requirements?  Do you have your hands full with building maintenance and wish someone could take some problems off your plate? Do you have multiple properties and you spend too much of your time chasing down the right subcontractors and administering multiple contracts? Do you want your property to stand out?  Are you disappointed in the limited, low-quality services you are receiving from your current contractor?  If any of these issues sound familiar, give us a call.  We serve hundreds of commercial customers in many areas of business and government and feel our multi-state services to these customers in cities like Council Bluffs, Des Moines, and Omaha, NE are second to none.

A few of the key features of our company that benefit you as the property owner:

  • Healthy Turf Landscaping has written safety and quality policies. We train our employees and subcontractors on these policies.  We carry high quality insurances including a high limit umbrella policy.  In short, you can feel confident that your residents and property are protected when our crews come to perform work.
  • We have an administrative staff that ensures we always answer the phone and can respond to your needs. We currently have contracts requiring after-hours contacts, 24/7/365 services and a 2-hour emergency response time.  In short, we are set up to ensure we can help you with what needs done when it needs to be done.
  • We schedule our work daily to meet our obligations each day and prepare detailed billings so that you know you are only paying for services performed. We are much more than a pickup truck and a mower.
  • We perform a wide range of services in both summer and winter for all our clients. Within this past year, we have not only performed the full suite of landscaping and snow removal services but have completed one-off projects such as trapping vermin, emergency repair of a ruptured water line, and preparing a site for crane operations just to name a few.  Basically, we handle the routine plus provide a “one-stop” shop for almost any exterior maintenance items.
  • We have long tenured, skilled employees that get familiar with our customers and their properties. Our employees ensure we perform professional work and are responsive to your needs.
  • We have relationships and contacts with many subcontractors and vendors across Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Coupling this network with our own resources, we are confident in our abilities to help you with just about any need that may arise.
  • We provide free estimates for any additional work you may need done and often provide hourly rates to our customers for any miscellaneous services that may be required. We make the process transparent so that you always get value for the work completed.

At Healthy Turf Landscaping we understand the differences between working at residential properties and public or private commercial businesses.  As well, we understand how to manage work simultaneously across multiple properties.  We will learn the specific requirements of your property(s) and always strive to exceed your expectations.  If you have a property(s) where we could be of service, please call us today at (712) 623-5521.