softscape des moines IA

Need the final touches on your outdoor living spaces?  Want to freshen up a tired exterior of your home or business?  Or are you looking for help maintaining your property? 

Softscapes are the elements of a landscape that comprise live, horticultural elements.  Softscaping can include flowers, plants, shrubs and trees.  These all add beauty and variation creating a living landscape.

At Healthy Turf, our softscape services are led by a registered Landscape Architect with particular emphasis on utilizing plants, shrubs and trees that thrive in our local environment.  Our goal is to have the softscapes integrate with the other landscaping elements and exhibit different colors, scents and textures throughout the year.

Having a thriving living landscape dramatically improves your curb appeal and the comfort of your outdoor living spaces.

For your business, you can offer a warm welcome to your customers and visitors before they even walk through your front door.  Meticulously crafted and manicured landscapes extend a silent invitation to your customers to do business with a company offering the same careful attention to detail.

Softscape Services include:

  • Planting of Flowers, Shrubs and Trees
  • Installation of Flower Beds
  • Mulching
  • Natural Stone Beds
  • Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control

Care and maintenance for these living elements is key to achieving full growth and gaining full benefit from your softscape.  As part of every project, we detail the best practices for watering, feeding, pruning, mulching, etc. that should be followed for your specific flowers, shrubs and trees.  And we can perform these services throughout the life of your plants if desired. 

Call us today at (712) 623-5521 and let’s discuss how we can add living elements to improve the look and feel of your landscaping.